Everything hits at once.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009
It's very rare that I have days that I find myself bored out of my mind; I actually have always been quite independent and as an only child can easily find ways to entertain myself. Lucky me - most of the time I am not afforded the option, such as in the case of the next few days.

Tonight is Bitch Feed (weekly/semi-monthly dinner party with some of the most amazing women I know and our GBF) and I have to hit the door running once I leave work to insure that I can have a dish ready by 7 PM. Tomorrow, training resumes and considering it will most likely be ridiculously hot in Seattle, I'll be hitting the grocery store and killing some time tidying up before it cools down enough to hit the pavement.

Though the rest of my week seems mostly free, I can think of business I need to take care of, errands I have to run and people I need to visit...On top of that I have a million things buzzing through my head this week (crazy exes coming out of the woodwork, birthday presents for Ma, impending road trip, side business issues). Just contemplating trying to tackle all the things I want to accomplish gives me a headache and makes me yearn for a vacation.

Well, guess what lovelies? I'm going to Disney Land!
Okay, so I have 6 weeks and my own birthday to contend with before we're on our way, but dammit - I'm ready.

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