It's a start! 2.02 miles/26:09

Thursday, August 20, 2009
I don't understand how it could have been so easy to forget how much I enjoy running. Like, really really enjoy.

Okaaaaay, maybe I can - the last 3 miles of the Rock N Roll Half were practically excruciating; mentally and physically it took everything I had to finish the race. As a matter of fact, during training last night I finally lost the nail from the black toenail I acquired from that run. That was lovely.

Today the delicious feel of slightly fatigued and tightened muscles is making me smile.

I ended up having to run alone (which was no shocker to me) since B ordered his shoes online and won't receive them until probably early next week. If at that point they are the wrong size or something else comes up I'm going to have to restart the schedule, but at least I'll have three extra runs under my belt. *shrug*

It was in the mid 80s and I had essentially already talked myself into going to bed and waking up early to hold out for those lower morning temperatures (shyeah right - I am so not a morning person) when I got the hint of a second wind for the day. It felt cooler outside my apartment than in, so I jumped into my running gear and went for it. It wasn't as easy as I had hoped it would be, but it sure wasn't as hard as the very first run I did for the Half training.

I'm not too sore or worn out and I'm actually super tempted to supplement my running with a bit of yoga tonight since I definitely need to work on my core. Either way, I think I'll warm up some spaghetti leftovers, bake up some Texas Toast, catch up on Weeds and do some dishes.

Oh, hello Motivation! So nice to see you again.

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