Are you a psychopath? A shoutout and an update.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011
*This post is dedicated to one of my favorite lurkers - you know who you are, sorry it's been so boring.*

After reading this article (How To Spot a Psychopath) that a friend had posted to their Facebook feed, I began to seriously wonder about one or two of the people I have dealt with in my past. Thankfully, I've been pretty successful at removing a lot of the negativity from my life in recent years and have surrounded myself with wonderful friends.

Those friends have been keeping me quite busy and entertained over the past weeks as things have been getting settled with the apartment/moving/etc. My "must move out by" date has been extended to June 20th (though my plan is to be out by the 18th, if not sooner) and I've been slowly packing things up and browsing available apartments. I've had the Jefferson Square place to myself since mid-April and have been actually relishing my return to single life and living alone. I'm going to miss that apartment, but I'm incredibly optimistic about the next chapter of my life.

Speaking of chapters: more and more I feel like I should be writing....something. I have had tons of crazy inspiration lately, most of which stems from personal situations that are far too wild or sensitive to be discussed in any great detail here. I wish I would have remembered that Write-O-Rama was coming up, I definitely would have worked it into my budget when I had more available funds (i.e. wasn't dedicating every extra penny to deposits/rent/moving/blah.) Unfortunately, I have an abundance of legitimate reasons to procrastinate at the moment and a spattering of not-so-legitimate ones that seem more fun...

"7 Things You Shouldn't Do After a Breakup"

Tuesday, May 24, 2011
Apparently, I'm doing it right.