Weekend O' FAIL.

Monday, August 24, 2009
That right over there is Vitamin Water in the Revive flavor. It's a taste I have become very familiar with in the past week and that is totally saving my ass today.

Man, my weekend sucked. So badly, I don't even want to think about it anymore. Suffice it to say, when you skip all your runs and plans with friends and spend a good chunk of your Sunday crying alone or on the phone to your Mother (which happens on an average of twice a year) it has probably not been an awesome few days.

Okay, I take part of that back - Friday was the suck, but I was pretty productive at home on Saturday and having a decent day cleaning and reorganzing until I realized that my cat Wilson was camping out in the litter box for extended amounts of time trying to pee and then decided that if he couldn't do it there, my freshly cleaned bedding was the next best option. Right before I wanted to go to sleep. No bueno. But I can't get mad at this face, even when he's grumpy.

B wasn't feeling well, but wanted to try to make up for Friday so he asked if he could come make me breakfast in bed on Sunday morning - who is going to say no to that?

Instead of the typical bacon, eggs, and hashbrowns he brought me my favorites: fancy cheeses, a baguette, grapes and champagne. Unfortunately, he was obviously sick and seemed pretty miserable so it was really hard to enjoy the morning. Add to that Wilson's problems and B's fretting over them (Wilson loves him some B even though B is allergic and I think it's quietly mutual) and I was quickly getting stressed out. We hit Petco to pick up some urinary supplements for Wilson and the afternoon went downhill from there, culminating in my phone call to the Madre after B left.
(Honestly, I wish more people had a relationship with their parents like I have with Ma - I get so sad when I talk to friends and they tell me they practically hate their parental units. It's really a shame.)

The rest of my day consisted of the following: tears, pizza delivery, bad movies and general sullenness.

Cut to today: I'm tired despite getting plenty of sleep, still puffy from crying and not 100% back to my "holy crap, my life is blessed" self.
That being said, Wilson peed in the catbox this morning and happily munched down more supplements before I left for work so I'm hoping that tonight won't call for a trip to the vet (fingers crossed). Also, I got good news on an ongoing side project that had stalled, had an idea at work that earned me kudos from one of the vendors I was working with, and the day passed fairly fast so I'm home early enough to catch up on Hung, do more laundry and hopefully a little Yoga to get my spirits further lifted.

I'm determined not to have an entire Week O' FAIL, dammit.

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