Ain't that the truth?

Friday, August 14, 2009
I’ve had a lot of failed relationships. Plennnnnty. I failed with nice guys, assholes, crazy boys and boring boys. In some instances I tried my hardest, in others I know I was a total pain in the ass.

These days, stories of the myriad of ways B spoils the hell out of me typically inspire twinges of jealousy from my girlfriends (and some of my best gays too), and we both generally feel really lucky. He’s my partner in crime, one of my biggest supporters and one of my best friends. And to be totally honest, sometimes he drives me up the wall, and I know conversely he occasionally feels the same way.

My favorite coworker (and the only other chick who works in the office full time) has been dating her boyfriend for a few years now, and in the past 3 that she and I have worked together she’s heard of all of my dating escapades and obviously been there from the beginning with B. We’ve both seen each other’s tears and anger and ultimately, the happiness that these boys have brought us. She’s talked me down when I’m riled up; I do my best to raise her spirits when she’s down. We share our “boys are dumb” days and I know I take a bit of joy from those days when she shares a story of something sweet he did for her. Her strength in some really tough spots in their relationship has inspired me and sometimes gives me a damn good reason to put myself in check when I may be a little unreasonable.

We’ve come to the obvious conclusion together that our boys just think completely differently than us in so many ways. SO VERY MANY. Oy. Today is just “one of those days” for she and I (and honestly, I feel like she deals with a lot more than I do), but then that “yay, I’m not the only one” feeling settles in and I realize that there are people all over the planet who are in this very same struggle to be with another person. The circumstances, the sexes, the locations may be different, but the goal is the same.

So - we laugh, we cry, we throw our hands up in exasperation, we swoon; we pray that we learn and grow enough to make it through this crazy thing the kids like to call love and that our dudes share that same dedication and desire. What else can you do?


Lora said...

I love you! That is the nicest thing I've read in a long, long time! You are the best :) Crazy boys and us...thank you for always listening!

Alyson O'Holic said...

I love you for putting my crap in check, woman! :) You quite often hear more about our issues than even my bffs do, so your input is *always* appreciated.

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