No, my apartment was not hit by a bomb.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009
Today I realized I am tired of being a lazy bum. My apartment is a mess, my car needs to be washed and I really just need to get back into the mindset of being more active in general. During training for the Half Marathon, even if I was sore or injured I would find myself tidying my apartment and organizing to kill some time before my evening run; now I’ve gotten into a routine where (when I am home) I end up watching my favorite shows or getting sucked into my favorite blogs and end up spending most of the evening on the couch.

Tonight I buckle down.

First step – clean the casa. Since my training will only call for 3 pretty short (considering the mileage I did put in for the Half) runs a week, the plan is to supplement a few days with yoga or pilates or some other form of cross training at home, which is not fun to do in an untidy living room. Also, I’m going to need my kitchen in tip top shape since I’ll actually be cooking for myself again, my bathroom spotless for the times that I may need a bath to soothe my muscles, and my bedroom needs to be a GD sanctuary for those nights when I need the best sleep I can get.

It’s going to take me a few days, but by the end of the week I am determined to have my place sparkle . The ipod is charged, Weeds and Hung are queued up, and the rain is giving me the perfect excuse (for now) to stay in – consider the mess tackled.

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