My cottage cheese needs bacon salt.

Monday, August 10, 2009

I sit here on a Monday morning – a morning where I chose cottage cheese to eat instead of the bagel with cream cheese or greasy (lovely) breakfast sandwich that I have become so fond of from the deli next door. The “why?” behind this denial of delicious food in my face will become easier to understand over the next few weeks, but here is the back story to give you a better idea of where it started:

A number of months ago, and just weeks before I started dating my current boyfriend, I started training for the Seattle Rock N Roll Half Marathon. I had recently given up cigarettes and thought that it would be a grand idea to start getting in better shape overall – when I heard about the Inaugural RnR race it immediately struck me as something that sounded challenging and fun….And who doesn’t love being one of the first to do something, right?
You’ll hear very few excuses from me past this point, but let’s just say I didn’t prepare for the man of my dreams to be a smoking skater dude who is also a total foodie/amazing cook and incredibly fun to laze around with so when I fell off the training bandwagon I fell hard.

In the end, the race was incredibly difficult but it felt amazing to finish even if my time was practically abysmal. My boyfriend (who we will call “B” for the purposes of this blog), was totally supportive throughout, even spending the day driving near the course with my Madre trying to track my progress throughout the run and take pictures of me.

Apparently, in those months he watched me “prepare,” he was also somehow bitten by the running bug and now instead of just volunteering himself as a skater companion, he has been talking about buying some shoes and hitting the sidewalks with me. Being the loving and crazy girlfriend that I am, I’ve held him to his word and next payday we find him some shoes; next week we start our Couch to 5k training (hey, I’d like to think there’s more “love” than “crazy” in my equation – I’m not trying to kill the poor dude.)

So, though I doubt this blog will be a linear description of our training I have a feeling that our progress and the inevitable escapades will be fodder for a quite few interesting posts and that, dear reader, is where this all begins - bagel-less me, sitting here on a Monday morning wondering what I have gotten myself into.

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