Shameless Plug Sunday - Dave Sheely Designs (plastic is the new gold)

Sunday, August 30, 2009
I am definitely not the first to find a great deal of humor in the slogan for Dave Sheely Designs :

"Handmade, Industrial-Grade Resin Jewelry That Won't Warp in Sun, Won't Shatter on Impact, Resists Scratches and Will Last Long After You Are Lowered Deep In Your Grave."

They explain: "Unlike the resin that most ring makers use, Dave Sheely Designs rings are cast in industrial urethane. They will not yellow with time, will not become soft or warp in the sun or due to body heat, and they are much stronger than resin. Though of course you won't want to place one on a railroad track as a test, you won't have to worry that the band will shatter or the ring will nick if you actually use your hands. Every piece sold here is handmade, hand-colored, and one-of-a-kind."

I was introduced to Dave's rings through his fantastic wife Mary and can proudly assure you that I personally own two of his rings and will probably be taking a few more to the beyond with me (apparently).

My favorite is similar to the one shown above right, a clear matte ring with a sneaky glow-in-the-dark elephant encapsulated inside.
Dave has many very creative and beautiful themes to his work, including a line with fossils and shells showcased in clear plastic, a line with bold colors and striking shapes shiny and matte, as well as a dreamy set that resemble clouds in many soft hues.

Not only are Dave's rings beautiful, they are quite affordable as well (considering how much time can go into polishing just one piece), typically ranging from $30 to $50. One of these days I will get my paws on a coveted "Esther" ring, inspired by and named after a "fashionista" who convinced him to merge one of his large tiki pendants onto a ring for her to wear.

Recently they expanded into bangles and earrings and I must say that they are just as fun as the rest of his work. Check out his Etsy shop: and his flickr page here.

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