No touching Part 2

Tuesday, May 11, 2010
We now return to our regularly scheduled programming...

Where were we? Oh yes, learning how to take it off...

We all know that men don't typically care about how you get your clothes off as long as you end up undressed, but it's more fun if you can tease your way out of them - slowly building the desire and curiosity and enjoying yourself and his reactions along the way...Sounds hot, right?

So, yeah - Krisha taught us exactly how to do that. Now, now, I would give you the details but then: a) there would be no point in you going to her class (which I highly recommend for anyone in the Seattle area, or do what I did and google it in your town) and b) how would I be able to surprise my boyfriend? Really though, she taught us a great routine working her way through each move and then combining the steps to make a cohesive and sultry lap dance. At this point I realized that a few of the women were basically stripping down to their undies, unlike me who had brought extra items to put over my yoga pants and tank top. Then we had to practice on each other.

I came to this gig alone, folks, and I understood that we had the option to not practice on another person, but to be able to comprehend and perform moves that involve space and balance you really should practice on another person. As we partnered up, I was surprisingly approached by a fit older* blonde woman; the same women whose friend was in the class with us as her birthday present. I didn't ask her why she chose me, but we were about the same height/weight so I agreed to work with her. I ran through the routine on the dancer side first and dammit if she didn't try her best to make it fun for me, though the sexy comments were just slightly disturbing (I do not know how strippers could do it.) I held back on a few of the moves that would have basically required me to rub my body (more specifically some bits that I don't rub up against just anyone, and definitely not strangers) on her, but tried my best to maintain some legitimate sensual eye contact. Yeah, it was weird. Thankfully it should be much easier to do with Bear.

Then it was her turn. She was GOOD. It was awkward. And because she was one of those previously mentioned ladies who came in wearing very little to take off, she got down to basically a bra and panties in front of me...On my lap...Boobs in my face, everything. I've been to strip clubs and enjoyed the hell out of it but I guess getting a lap dance from chick just isn't my thing. Still, I tried to out-perv her with the comments and eye contact to see if it would ruffle her and it didn't - she's pretty much ready to do this for her/any dude.

Me? Though I think I've already got my songs and outfit picked out, I've unquestionably still got some at-home practicing to do and am actually considering taking the class again, in addition to paying for the Intermediate level private lesson for myself and a lady friend - that way it'll be way less weird to shove our boobs in each others faces. Riiiiight?

(*than me)

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