I need a new addiction like I need a hole in the head.

Thursday, May 27, 2010
But of course I got sucked into polyvore trying to find a outfit to coordinate with my new shoes. I understand that it usually works the other way around, but you must understand my love of shoes.

Gah, I could never imagine buying a Valentino bag but I know I can find affordable versions of all the other pieces, not to mention I already own the gun/flower necklace and the shoes. I still feel like it's missing something - what do you think?


Lostinspaceneedle said...

OK...the gun/flower necklace is an entirely different conversation. I'd like to comment with a quote from one of my (our) closest and wisest friends, Angie: Anyone who pays full price for anything is a SUCKER! Polyvore away my friend!

Alyson O'Holic said...

Girl you know it's true - that necklace set me back a whopping $5 (on a buy one get one half off deal, of course! ;)) Angie is a SAGE, dammit.

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