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Wednesday, May 26, 2010
I have a confession to make:

So far this year I have been a major fashion slouch, falling into an easy pattern of tanks, tee shirts, jeans and flats ALL THE TIME. I have occasionally pulled out the skinny jeans with the sky-high heels and donned a dress on at least one outing, but in general I've been super low maintenance.

As the weather warms and the sun becomes less of a stranger my "I MUST WEAR A DRESS" urges become much stronger, I start digging out my sunglasses and rotate the lighter items into the front of my closet, tossing anything that I don't wear anymore to make room for the inevitable new items. A few weeks ago during a visit from Simla (maskott's manager,) I received a lovely delivery of gifts from Bear's parents, including a pair of these shoes (and a buttload of other adorable clothing to get the season started):

How did they know that clogs are so IN right now??

Honestly though, I have NO idea what to wear them with. With a cut like this on a shoe, I feel you really need to stick with as much bare leg as possible to avoid "shortening" yourself, even with such a high platform.

I turned to polyvore for ideas. They actually do have this exact shoe, but no one has made a "set" with it yet so I searched for "clog" and chose a similar shoe and checked the related looks. Here are a few cute ones I liked:
(it needs a jacket and possibly more rock-ish earrings, but I dig the dress!)

Most of the time the items that I see and like in the sets are way overpriced ($375 for that little striped dress? I don't think so!) but I find inspiration, take a few notes on key details and keep an eye out for a more affordable version.

.Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

. by sasha?sasha featuring Steven by Steve Madden shoes (I pretty much love everything about this except the shorts - easy enough to imagine with a distressed jean miniskirt, which is more my style)

Voila! I am now infused with the Spring/Summer 2010 style spirit (and a little creeped out by the naked bunny above!)

Where do YOU go to satisfy your fashion lusts?

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