It's not cheating...

Thursday, May 20, 2010
Today marks 3 months since my boyfriend (Bear) left for Turkey. Three whole, long months and I still don't have a specific date for his return. Can you tell how thrilled I am about that? Yeah, so amped.
Not really. Clearly, I could never date a military man.

Just as I was realizing for the first time in my life that I truly loved waking up to someones morning breath and goofy hair, he had to return to Istanbul to release their album and tour; now Bear has been out of the country longer than we'd been "officially" dating before he left....Guh, just typing those words bums me the eff out, though I suppose the silver lining in all this is the simple fact that I do miss him, which has pretty much never happened before; I have always been a girl who loves her "me" time. Or at least I was...Slightly before and definitely since his departure, I have often been a sad, blubbering mess.

I've not once been concerned about him cheating on me; I've actually had to bite my tongue to keep myself from laughing at the people who have suggested that I might be more worried about it. I will admit that long distance relationships are not ideal, but even from thousands of miles away bear is very attentive, supportive and sweet, going as far as adjusting the hours he sleeps to make it less of a hassle for us to be able to Skype often without interfering with my more strict work schedule.

Really, the hardest part of him being gone has been the glaringly obvious hole in my life/my heart that I had never noticed before (most likely because it didn't exist before I met him.) The absence of his touch is driving me absolutely batty.

Although I've been "nesting" like a mad woman and taking classes while making some semblance of effort to keep myself busy and distracted, basically every time I look at Facebook's "what's on your mind?" query, my internal response is "F*CK, I miss my boyfriend."

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