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Monday, May 3, 2010
While we're on a roll with how much I love my peeps...An excerpt from a Facebook message thread coordinating a small group of my closest friends for dinner at the GBF's (one of whom works in the brain research industry.):

GBF: T double booked this Thursday so I'll be cooking for you loverly ladies and gents again but at La Casa de DustBall this time. Any special requests / themes?


D: Something unique from every continent or fresh spring rolls!

Cec: You are so sweet! I don't care really. I'm learning that whatever you make is pretty effing tasty. ♥

Digital: I like the idea of everyone bringing something from a different region, that would be fun! Anyone know what they're makin yet? I'm thinkin maybe a caprese dish myself...

Me: I'm going to do one or two turkish appetizers - one cheesy and one veggie.

Z: i'll do the ice cream and champagne/fruit thing for dessert. what time?

Cec: What is 'Needed' I can bring that. I'm coming over right after work (I get out at 6:30), so I won't have much time to make anything...What time is this happening?

GBF: I'll have to surprise you all, I have no idea what I'm making yet.

A: I'm in the same boat as Cecilli with the work/time constraints, so not sure what to bring...I know booze is always needed.

Z: yes! booze! i'm almost out of money until friday so all i can bring is the champagne that will go into dessert.

GBF: Ya'all can start coming over at seven.

Cec: Word to all that was stated. I'm going to bring fancy beer. It's fancy damn it!!

GBF: It would be fancier if on your lunch break you made little bow ties outta tin foil and glued one to each bottle. Just sayin'.

A: I want to make a fan page to "like" Dusty's idea of Fancy.

GBF: Okay, A gets the captain's chair tomorrow.

Cec: I can make a bow tie out of brains...but it wouldn't last long...at all.....Or a couple bottles of wine. I mean it's Thursday and all.

GBF: Is it wrong that I kinda want to see the brain bowties?

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