I was a Pagan in a previous life.

Monday, May 24, 2010
Or at least that's what Faye the Tattoed Psychic said. For various reasons, I'd buy it.

I had an awful time trying to sleep on Friday night - earlier in the week I had applied to be a paid blogger with CultureMob and was actually given the opportunity to "develop" my own genre, which had me anxiously figuring out the best way to convince the operator of the site (and myself) that I had the passion and ideas to legitimately carry an entire topic. 3 AM found me dashing off an email that I hoped would do the job. It did! Saturday morning I woke up to a contract to post on the CultureMob Blog covering Classes, Workshops and Lectures or as I like to call it, the "Get Smart" category. Eventually, I'll really be a paid writer, y'all. Not that I'll be able to quit my day job, but it's a start.

Saturday I ran around all day selling/dropping off clothes for donation and shopping, finally getting rid of the last pile I had pulled from my closet before I settled in to wait for a chance to Skype with Bear. His band was busy with an interview/performance on a HUGE Turkish talk show until the wee hours of the morning (his time,) but once he was home he managed to pop on for a while to tell me how it went and wish me a good night.

I was up at a decent time on Sunday because I had a morning full of plans. After I grabbed some cash and dropped off my car for an oil change (responsible vehicle ownership FTW - now I should probably wash it :/) I hit Cupcake Royale for some coffee and 'cakes to go, walked up to the Farmer's Market to snag some more asparagus, eggs and salmon for later in the week, picked up my car then rushed home to drop off the perishables before I scooted off to Helle.

Danielle the lovely proprietress and owner of Helle has invited Faye the Tattooed Psychic to do a series of lectures/classes on healing yourself and your spirit, and for 2 hours I happily sat on the wooden floor within a circle of women in awe of Faye's talent and straightforward attitude. How serendipitous that one of my bff's is giving me the fodder for my first writing gig!

Afterwards, I came home and slipped into bed for a nice, cozy chat with my boyfriend on Skype. Have I mentioned that I really miss that dude?

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