Dear Rob Brezsny, please get out of my head.

Thursday, July 1, 2010
From Rob Brezsny's Free Will Astrology:

Virgo Horoscope for week of July 1, 2010

So how is 2010 going for you so far, Virgo? "Great, Rob, thanks for asking!"
Have you been taking advantage of life's offers to help you move into a dynamic new phase of your relationship life? "Um yes, how'd you know?"
Have you been willing to set aside tired old strategies for seeking intimacy so that you can discover approaches you've never imagined before? "Well, yeah..."
Have you been brave about overcoming the past traumas and hurts that scared you into accepting less than the very best alliances you could seek? "OMG, yes."
I hope you've been pursuing these improvements, because this is the best year in over a decade to accomplish them. "Hey ALRIGHT!"

Review in painstaking detail the history of your life, honoring every moment as if you were conducting a benevolent Judgment Day. Forgive yourself of every mistake except one.* "ONE?? Oy."

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