Spartacus = WOW.

Monday, July 19, 2010
My poor boyfriend was sick all weekend and since I was nursing him back to health at my place and stuck inside on a rare extremely sunny Seattle weekend I forced him to (re)watch the rest of Spartacus: Blood and Sand with me.

Now, we had started watching together but he had jumped ahead of me in his ample free time during the week and left me in the dust at episode 3, so it's not like I was making him watch a show he didn't enjoy.

My homegirl Cec had been telling me about this show for a while and insisting I watch but I had resisted, thinking that the promise of naked dudes and bloody fights wasn't necessarily up my alley. I was so wrong.

Bear brought home the DVD set with Turkish subtitles and once we ran out of other shows we like to watch together, we finally broke out Spartacus. Here's the disclaimer I didn't see until I was on disc 3 of the first season:

“Spartacus is a historical depiction of ancient Rome’s society and culture.
The intensity of the sensuality, brutality and language is to suggest and
authentic representation of that period.”
Those Romans were dirtydirty, y'all. And jeezus, all the gore - on a few occasions I was glad I had decided to eat before I watched that particular episode. And I honestly have not seen that many weiners and six-packs in my life.

Thank you, Sam Raimi (and you, Cec!)


Lostinspaceneedle said...

*gasp* So happy you watched it! Nothing more fun than a bunch of hotties tearing stuff up! I'm not going to get too excited until I hear a firm 'yes' on Season 2!!

Alyson O'Holic said...

We LOVE. I'm gonna watch it again, most definitely.

This looks like pretty firm news:

*fingers crossed*

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