It always rains in Seattle on the 4th of July.

Monday, July 5, 2010
Well, almost always, and it certainly did this year.

And now it's supposed to be the hottest week so far this year, which will be totally not awesome for my running. It doesn't cool down until almost 10 in the evening so I'll have to buck up and run in the heat or start waking up early, which sounds pretty awful. Guh. I took a mini break from running this weekend since my social calendar was pretty packed and I have an extra few weeks to get ready for Iron Girl.

Friday afternoon at work was crappy though I did manage to sneak out a few minutes early, but then I ended up losing my house key somewhere between work and Target and my car (with all spares sitting on my hallway table, of course)...After I broke down into tears of frustration on the phone with the bulding manager I was ready to call it a day and just curl into a ball hiding in my bed, but Bear convinced me that I would be fine with a bit of time and relaxation and we actually did end up going to a friend's show - having a very nice time listening to live music in Pioneer Square. MM and her hubs met up with us and she had gotten me a beautiful nazar (or evil eye) bracelet (she's always looking out for me, that one) that I immediately put on (since I know there has to be a person or two wishing me bad luck at any given time.)

Thanks to her, I'm sure, the rest of my weekend was pretty much a breeze - cooking, bbqs and authentic home-cooked Indian food with old friends and new, and of course fireworks (though we ended the 4th snuggled on my couch trying to watch Hot Tub Time Machine.)

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