I'm more nervous than he is.

Friday, July 23, 2010
Of course, to my boyfriend this is just another concert. For me, it's a whole 'nother story.

I have never seen Bear perform in front of an audience any larger than myself and maybe a few of our friends while hanging out at his home, in the studio, whatever. Welllll, I have seen videos but that doesn't really count, right? Though in the videos he looks very very happy and I am most definitely looking forward to seeing that live.

Still, it's going to be a trip for me to experience the Seattle fans (though I hear they are much mellower - surprise, surprise, right?) and see the music I've been listening to on CD for so long performed live and in it's entirety. I'm also super anxious because a number of my friends will be there, in addition to the the Madre.

Thankfully, I believe I have solved the "omg, what do I wear?" dilemma in advance and hopefully will expend some of the extra nervous energy beforehand with brunch and an afternoon ladies gathering...They're bound to be lovely, fun distractions from my current state of antici..................pation.


Lostinspaceneedle said...

You should hit up an UBER awesome hot yoga class before....or something!

Alyson O'Holic said...

I actually met up with Keri for the afternooon and then headed over to a friend's rooftop ladies gathering on Eastlake - it was a gorgeous day for nibbles and drinks with some great chicks (wish you were there!)

I dashed home to get prettied up then prefunked with Digital and Miss B...Perfect, glorious day full of distractions!

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