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Friday, July 30, 2010
Dudes, it's been a busy few weeks! With Bear's show (awesome) and birthday (lovely) on top of training and the usual social activities (with a few bonus girly nights thrown in) I'm a bit worn down. Oh, and did I forget to mention waking up covered in hives on Sunday and having my car burgled on Thursday (och, poor "Reno's ipod," I hardly knew ye...?) Yeah, so...

I am most definitely relieved at this point to see my schedule open up after the weekend and hope to have the next few days to be a bum with my guy (which conceivably includes eating Zippy's Giant Burgers and seeing Toy Story 3....And maybe even going out because we want to.)

As tired as I am today, my morning was brightened by a bit of what I am assuming was drunk Facebooking on the part of one of my friends. Behold the out-of-nowhere drahms:

Sympathy thread HIJACK!

Now, the girl mentioned is NOT friends with me on FB and though she has never done a thing to me personally, this dude is not the only of our close friends who isn't fond of her nor is he the first to be vocal about their personal observations and subsequent questions about the quality of her character.

Frankly, I'm particularly curious about the "greatest blowjobs" part...Well, that and why MY wall was the target of this revelation. Either way, I had a good chuckle to start off my Friday.

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gaba said...

poor fuckin' Jeffrey

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