Things I did on my summer vacation (in no specific order):

Wednesday, June 30, 2010
Beat my buddy Will A. on 4square...I knew the opportunity would most likely never arise again since he is a 4square master, so I checked in everywhere.

Got too drunk on a Friday at Neighbors (my first visit in probably 6 years - possibly my last for at least another 6.)

Picked the wrong day to visit Alki and get a sunburn: but picked up a super cute dress from Coastal that I later wore at the GBF's Birthday Happy Hour:

Missed a minor anniversary with my boyfriend. We spent the day together and had a wonderful time, but both completely spaced on the significance of the date.

Visited the Seattle Art Museum to check out the Andy Warhol media works (neat! added our photo booth photo to the interactive art display) and Kurt Cobain (yawnnnnn) exhibit. Also got this fantastically awful picture of me and him in the porcelain room (I literally LOL'd loudly for a few minutes after taking this):

Attended Artopia then headed downtown for the Seattle Lust Tour with Valentina and Kristi from Shutter Tours (also respectively of Valentina Vitols Studio and Kristi Lloyd Photography - 2 sweet ladies who can take a damn fine photo.) We followed that with wonderful cocktails at Zig Zag Cafe (home of Murray!) with most of our respective beaus and a couple of gals on the tour from Ann Arbor, MI who had run the 2010 Rock n Roll Half Marathon that morning.

Cooked dinner (salmon, finally got it right!) for 8 people, of which I was the ONLY American-born and non-Turkish speaker.

All that and a whole lot of nothing...'Twas perfection.


Anonymous said...

Holy crap, that dress is adorable! I haven't heard of Coastal before. Is the shop worth a trek from Ballard?

Alyson O'Holic said...

So comfy too! It's the Gentle Fawn brand, which I am now in luuuurve with. (

And no, probably not re: visiting Coastal (kinda spendy IMO.) I like their brands, but I feel like the stuff can be probably be found cheaper elsewhere...Though if you're on Alki anyway it's worth a visit!

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