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Tuesday, June 29, 2010
I successfully stay-cayed, y'all! An entire week was spent enjoying not working (except for a few IMs and one phone call) and having my lovely boyfriend camped out at my apartment.

There was continued laziness and lots of Breaking Bad, tons of eating, shopping and touristing, then finally yesterday I tore myself away from Bear and spent my last night of freedom at home giving myself a mani/pedi and watching episodes of Royal Pains (after one morning of TV at Bear's I was seriously missing cable television.)

Today it was back to work for both of us - for me, my 9-5 and getting the ball rolling on many more posts for CultureMob, for him it's back to rehearsal for his upcoming show at Chop Suey (deets here - friends, if you want to buy tickets in advance hit me up to avoid fees) and working on some new projects.

Also, I'm totally effin' giddy to mention that tonight I start my training for the Aflac Iron Girl 10k! Fellow blogger and runner Emily sent me a message about this run on Monday and I was immediately jazzed at the idea of having a reason to hit the sidewalks again. I've been a slackimus maximus with my running all spring and although I haven't fallen to pieces/gotten out of shape, I am anxious to tone up as well as being extremely curious to see how much better my lungs feel now that I've had more than 3 months of smobriety. I need to update my running playlist ASAP (any suggestions? what do you run to?) but otherwise I'm itching to lace up my nikes and git.


Maria Christensen said...

Hey! Me and my girl are signing up as a Mother/Daughter team for the 5K. I haven't done any serious running in over a year. I'm insane. And not yet completely smober. Totally insane. I run to totally cheesy sports movie songs and things like that. Theme to Rocky, Survivor songs, "You're the Best" from Karate Kid, Bon Jovi's "It's My Life," Fame & Top Gun theme songs, Van Halen's Dreams... not even kidding ;)

Alyson O'Holic said...

That is SO great and completely cute, Maria! I am trying to convince the Madre to do it the 5k with me next year.

Serkan was actually in a Bon Jovi cover band so I get a renewed kick out of listening to their music lately, but not much beats Eye of the Tiger. Srsly.

I've spent most of my running history as a smoker, so I can definitely sympathize with you - it's not easy, but it's nowhere near impossible. The feeling that I get when I can enjoy the fresh air and deeper breaths now is such a motivator to keep me from picking them up again.

Lostinspaceneedle said...

Great JOB!! Yes, your lungs will siiiiing!

Song suggestions: Mos Def_Quiet Dog...good LORD I can't run fast enough to that!

Born Slippy by Underworld (great and old go to!!)
Welcome to the Jungle by GNR (TOO much fun!)
Yes, I'll admit it. I still run to Umbrella by Rihanna. if you haven't tried it, you should.

ooo Also...'Can you feel it' by The Jacksons Awesooome!!!!

Alyson O'Holic said...

Ha! I put "Rated R" on the ol' ipod last night before my run (and I will admit to having some Lady Gaga and Britney on there too.) NO shame!

Anonymous said...

Do not be ashamed of the Gaga! She works wonders for pumping me up.

Alyson O'Holic said...

So easy to run to! Although, I also think The Black Keys make awesome running music as well.

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