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Sunday, June 20, 2010
Rubaiyat/36 - RUMI
When I am with you our loving won't let me sleep.
Away from you the tears won't let me sleep.
God, it's amazing to be awake both nights,
But how different these awakenings are!
I am thrilled to report that I made it through the first week after my boyfriend's return alive and well!

As a matter of fact, I've pretty much spent the week in domestic heaven; making breakfast every morning and lunch or dinner every evening, pulling out cookbooks or just throwing shiz together. Except for another sad salmon experience (I've successfully cooked salmon to my liking once ever,) I've been pretty darn pleased with my results. I'm quite sure that through hours of experimentation and trials over the past 4 months I have almost perfected my quesadilla.

It has seemed so easy to pick up where we were (though we have been much more homebody than we usually are,) happily spending most of our nights watching episodes of our favorite TV shows. Bear is still jet-lagged of course and I've gotten very adept at napping once a day - something I don't think I could really ever complain about. There's also been lots of coffees and laughing and kisses.

He trekked home this morning when Cec and I attended another class with Faye the Tattooed Psychic at Helle, so I ended up inadvertently getting a little Domestic Goddess Sunday time to relax, do laundry and figure out some recipes for the week of vacation that starts the day after tomorrow (squee!). I'm currently surrounded by a pile of cookbooks (Life's Too Short to Chop Onions: 99 Dinners to Make When You'd Rather Be Doing Something Else being one of my new favorites,) The Pocket Rumi, and my dayplanner which is beautifully untainted next week.

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