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Monday, April 19, 2010
Bear's band, maskott, is filming a music video today.

Me? On a high from the results of my crafting nights with W (the pill box hat was a big hit at the tea party), I am browsing etsy for terrarium kits, a neat glass bottle (for a little surprise gift) and the typical paper goods. Later I will work out, do my dishes, color my hair and hopefully practice my Turkish. Yesterday, I bought a kit to learn how to knit and a book about intarsia (let's just say that someone is getting a scarf for Christmas) and tomorrow I am having the Gay BoyFriend and the Madre over for dinner at Casa De O'Holic...Such a wild and crazy gal I am.

Though Bear voluntarily assures me of my "totally awesome girlfriend" status on a regular basis, some days the disparity between his life and mine is abundantly clear. Today is definitely one that finds me longing for the quiet weekends together spent on my couch with Gizmo and Wilson.

That being said, I've also got some super-secret-squirrel rockstar girlfriend plans in the works as of this weekend, of which I will offer only one tantalizing hint: PASTIES.

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