He listens! Perhaps maybe too well.

Monday, April 26, 2010
I like to do nice things for my boyfriend - all the normal girlfriend-y stuff of course, and fun things like picnics in the livingroom on rainy days and occasionally cooking dinner in an apron and heels (and not much else). At this point, male friends of mine are joking that they will be sending their potential future girlfriends to me for "Awesome Girlfriend" training, and though it's amusing it also makes me proud (and not just because a few of my super bitter exes like to claim the opposite).

Last week one of my favorite sources for fun lingerie/costumes (Forplay Catalog, recommended by a fellow "AG") was having a sale and at 20% off, I couldn't resist ordering one of the outfits I have had my eye on for a few months. This one is special though, it definitely won't work under an apron; it is glorious enough to stand on it's own and unquestionably calls for a more dramatic debut.

Moments later I was googling "lapdance class Seattle."

SCORE - Pole for the Soul was offering a Striptease and Lapdance Workshop the following Sunday and had one spot left! I signed up without delay and proceeded to get really excited about stunning Bear with these skills when he got home.

In my excitement, on Skype that night I told Bear that I was planning a really fun surprise for him. Note to self: stop telling boyfriend about surprises in advance. He persisted with inquiries as to what the surprise was until I finally caved in and gave up the hint "I am taking a class." His first response? "Lapdance?!"

So, even if he was stalking my Facebook page and saw that I had become a fan of Pole for the Soul, I was positive he couldn't have just stumbled across the page for the class AND at that point I hadn't told my plans to anyone but my Madre and coworkers, so I insisted he tell me how he knew. It seems that at some point in the past 5 months of us dating I had mentioned an interest in learning how to striptease...And now I can be sure Bear is a very very good listener.

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