Full of excuses

Thursday, April 15, 2010
Goodness gracious, I have been slacking (at least in the blogosphere - definitely not in real life, folks).

I have been holed up inside my apartment for nearly 4 weeks with only the occasional visit to friends, citing general lack of interest in going out (and funds) - which is true to an extent...I realized at the heart of it, my reluctance stems from the fact that I quit smoking three weeks, three days, 23 hours, 26 minutes and 22 seconds ago. In that time there were approximately 300 cigarettes not smoked and I saved over $100, not to mention 1 day and 40 minutes of my life.

I'm using the patch, but that doesn't mean it's easy by any stretch of the imagination. This isn't the first time I've quit, either. Bear and I even made a half-hearted attempt at the beginning of the year. After he left for Turkey I knew I had to try again while he's gone - that way I would only be responsible for my own success. During this time I have been hermitting myself away from all my friends who smoke and cutting back on the booze that always tricks me into thinking "hey, I can be a social smoker" which seems to lead to me buying a pack of cigarettes, which then (of course) can't be wasted...Unfortunately, I have had to stay away from any avoidable "triggers" and writing is actually one of them. Let's just say my apartment is very clean at this point.

Now, almost a month later, I am confident enough to return to life as I knew it (albeit missing the fabulous part that Bear's presence contributes) - as evidenced by this blog post and tonight's plans for the Florence + The Machine show with one of the besties. Wish me luck.

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