It could be worse.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010
Not very many people give a sh*t about how hurt you are after an argument with a boyfriend when the rest of your relationship has been seemingly ideal...Minus the weeks upon weeks of absence, of course (which I steadfastly insist does not make "the heart grow fonder.")

Thank goodness for my homegirl, W. She's the right level of supportive and realistic, and her daily distractions have kept me from over-thinking how torturous it has been to be separated from Bear for so long. Last night was a bad night for he and I (I think one of the biggest issues in a relationship is how you deal with conflict, and I know neither of us was digging the other's reaction to a miscommunication last night), but after letting me vent for a bit this morning, to cheer me up she reminded me via IM:

W: "dude, Jesse James is the biggest a-hole in the universe
at least you weren't married to HIM"

(Thanks to the beautiful, hilarious bff Cec, from now on W will be lovingly referred to as "Dubs.")

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