Shameless Plug Sunday - the FURminator®

Sunday, September 6, 2009
This is a picture of the hair I FURminated off of Wilson in the span of 15 minutes (and Gizmo for some perspective on size):

'Nuff said.

Actually, there is one other thing - DO NOT PAY RETAIL for these brushes! Though it obviously does the job it is intended to (pretty much - I can't vouch for it's allergen reduction), there is no way I can justify paying $25-$50 for a glorified comb. They come in Small, Medium, Large, Cat and Equine sizes, ranging from 1.75 inches to 5 inches wide (the cat and small versions seem to differ only in color). I managed to find the medium sized FURminator® (2.75 inch edge) on ebay for a much more reasonable price and find that it suits my needs with 2 larger cats perfectly. I can't necessarily say I've seen a reduction in shedding, but the bottom line is that all the fur that was pulled off definitely isn't going on my furniture and *that* is a good thing.

Do your research at their web-site: and then check ebay for a better deal.

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