My last phone call of the day and my first lewd one EVER.

Friday, September 18, 2009
This post will include language and content that may bother more sensitive readers, please skip this post if you are easily offended by descriptions of sexual situations.

Just a few days ago, the phone rang about 15 minutes before the place I work was going to close for the day. Since I was essentially the last person there, I was the only one available to answer the phone and boy, did I ever get lucky that day! (/sarcasm)

I work in a rather industrial area and we rent monthly parking spaces to truck drivers who need a place to leave their trucks overnight. As far as I know, none of our customers sleep in their trucks, but even though I sometime stop at the gas station next door during non-work hours I've never bothered to actually check. The gentleman who called me apparently wasn't aware that as far as I know those trucks are vacant in the evenings and the possibility of the situation he presented to me actually occurring is highly unlikely in this specific area.

Here is how the phone call went after I answered the phone:

Polite sounding "Truck Driver": I was in my truck last night and I noticed a really cute young lady with a very nice butt wandering around the parking lot. It turns out that she was actually a young boy, but she was going from truck to truck giving favors. If she didn't charge anything for her services, was it illegal?

Me: Huh. Well, I suppose it's not illegal if she was doing it for free, though it is kind of disgusting.

Truck Driver: Hey, I didn't mind, I just wanted to check.

Me: Okay, I guess truck drivers need love too? Let me check with our VP to see how he would like to handle this.
(he holds, but I get no answer at the VP's extension)
Alright, I obviously can't do anything about the situation that occurred last night but if she wasn't asking for money, then I can't specifically say what she was doing was against the law, though it is private property and it could be considered trespassing or loitering.

Truck Driver: I really didn't mind, she stopped my my truck and it actually was a boy with a really nice ass, but she was pretty cute and I took her up on her offer.

Me: Okay, well...(he interrupts me)

Truck Driver: Honestly, I've never sucked a dick like that before, but she was really cute and had a nice, big, 7 inch cock.

Me: Hang on, let me get my VP. (when I put him on hold to ask my boss to handle it, the caller hung up)

Why, I NEVER...The VP is pretty sure that it was one of our competitors harrassing us to get a good laugh since we've never really had an issue with "lot lizards" due to the fact that the drivers that park in our spots typically leave their cars there during the day and drive home after they park the big rigs. Either way, it was the most interesting conclusion to my day in the 3 1/2 years I've worked here. I can't imagine it will happen again, but next time I'm prepared to perv right back at them to really blow their minds. My goal is to get them to hang up first.

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