The new way to end a Sunday.

Thursday, September 24, 2009
The past few weeks I have found myself concluding my weekends in a similar way, and I realized that I've started something that equates to a new ritual, I suppose.

I sleep in, spend a little extra time snuggling with Gizmo and Wilson who are inevitably flanking me in the form of warm furry balls when I wake up, put on some comfy pjs and set to cleaning my apartment. I'll usually queue up episodes of Mad Men and Dexter from my laptop to my TV and occasionally throw in a new release or an old favorite to have something interesting I can be distracted by as I pick up around my place.

I may walk/drive to the shopping center down the street for coffee or groceries or stuff for the house, I may run or do yoga, but when the sun goes down I start the relaxatin'.

I make sure my bed is made up, turn down the lights in my apartment then in my nice clean bathroom, light some fantastic smelling candles, brew up a cup of Yogi Bedtime tea or pour a glass of champagne, roll one up, bring in my laptop with Mad Men queued up, set up my bath pillow and run a hot bubble bath. After I am all set up, I proceed to enjoy the remainder of my weekend.

When I am ready to start easing myself out of the warm coziness I grab my favorite soap to get myself spic and span, then I get out of the tub and into my super fluffy robe. I head for my vanity, where I schmear my face with beauty products, ditch my robe to get some lotion on my skin (especially important after a hot bath AND in the fall/winter) then I take the laptop to my bed and slip in between the luscious sheets for a bit of mindless Facebooking and maybe a little bit of reading.

God, I love my life.


Darlin' T said...

Ok, that is definitely an advantage of living alone and I am envious! I never thought about watching shows on my laptop while in the tub, either. Brilliant. :)

Alyson O'Holic said...

Hey pretty lady!

It fits right on the lid of the toilet and I have little travel speakers in case the audio is funky on the episode I'm watching.

I honestly have no idea how I am ever going to give up living alone. :)

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