Shameless Plug Sunday - Tea-zer Tea Tumbler

Sunday, September 13, 2009
Happy Birthday to me! My awesome co-worker gave me one of these for my birthday and I can tell you that I have used it practically non-stop at work since then despite the fact I don't have any loose tea to brew right now - it works just as well with tea bags even if that isn't it's intended use. It's great for me, since I have a tendency to knock over almost anything that is filled with liquid and spill it all over my desk.

So, here's how it works: you put the loose tea in the strainer/infuser, put it into the tumbler, pour hot water to about the halfway point of the strainer, cover and let it brew. Then you take out the strainer and dump it, pop in the sipper top and you're good to go. I have a feeling those last two steps might be quite difficult if you were actually "on the go" and the holes seem to be a little large to keep out many types of leaves, but for my purposes it works perfectly AND it keeps my tea warmer for much longer than a regular cup/mug.

Really, it's a great gift for tea lovers and from what I can find online they are very reasonably priced as well, ranging from $10-$20. I think you should be able to find them at sporting goods stores and here on Amazon. Happy brewing, y'all!

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