I hung out with rockstars this weekend.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009
No, it's true! Though, they are admittedly Turkish rockstars, and in general my friends rock pretty hard (in addition to a few actually being involved in the industry in one way or another) so it's not much of a stretch.

Earlier in the week, I had made plans with my favorite bass player/good friend to get together and hang out on Friday. Nothing specific, just "hey let's meet up and we'll figure out something to do" since both of us are pretty social and mostly stay on top of interesting stuff that may be going on in Seattle. As the day approached, he asked me if I would be okay with at some point meeting up with the manager/members of this band in the Belltown neighborhood so he could propose a show to them that he's coordinating in December. Apparently the same night City Hostel was having an open house and since one of my artist friends had painted a room there I was totally agreeable to starting our evening off in that 'hood. In the meantime, another mutual friend invited us to meet up with him in Ballard and I invited my gorgeous single bff to meet up with us as well, since the U-District (where she lives) isn't too far from the 'Lard.

Bass Player and I ran a little late so we missed the open house (I mean, shit, it ended at 9PM and who even goes out that early?), but we waited at Shorty's (one of the only places I can handle in a neighborhood typically filled with bleached blondes, mini skirts, gel and popped collars on the weekends) having hot dogs and boozy smoothies until we decided to give up on the Turks for the moment and head to our Northern destination. We met up with our friends at a dive bar for a drink and shortly after that found out the Turks were just down the street from us at King's Hardware (a less divey, more popular bar) and we all decided to wander that way.

They are some of my new favorite people, y'all. Fun, good-looking, interesting AND nice...I've got me a big ol' crush on their keyboard player now. Time flew by and before I even realized it, they were turning the lights on and kicking everyone out of King's. If you know me, you know I haven't stayed out until past closing time at a bar OR a party for a verrrrry long time, but I actually still had energy to spare. Thank goodness for that, because by that time one of our friends was WASTED and we took on the task of getting his abnormally tall, extremely uncoordinated ass home. We kept asking him where he lived, but at that point he was apparently too drunk to tell us - so getting him to his doorstep was quite an adventure. Gorgeous single bff and I didn't even get to my place until well after 3 AM, but we spent some time giggling about the evening and crashed out soon enough.

I went out in flats and a t-shirt (more my work attire than going out attire), went to neighborhoods I typically avoid as much as possible, uncharacteristically stayed out until the wee hours of the morning and every time I think of that night, I break out in a smile. I may have been almost ruined energy-wise for the rest of the weekend but I still managed to squeeze in a barbeque and movie night pre-funk at the GBF's on Saturday then cleaned my place and started up a new Sunday ritual to finish out the weekend.

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