Eyes on 100 and bruises on my fingers. 2.14 miles/26:53

Tuesday, September 1, 2009
I think teaching myself how to play guitar may be harder than I anticipated, y'all. I understood I would have to ditch the longer nails and would have to develop calluses, but my main struggle is finding instruction that clicks with the way I like to learn. I guess until I find something I can work with I'll just be going through a few simple exercises I found OnDemand to strengthen and limber up my fingers, but I'm thinking I should probably get a metronome soon either way.

And speaking of strengthening:

99.61 miles. Not even four-tenths of a mile until I hit 100 total since I began running in January. I'm so close I can feel it.

I woke up too early this morning after a pretty heinous nightmare; a vivid one like those that I typically experience when I get back on the nicotine patches regularly (which I have). Add to that a long session on the People You Will See In Hell website right before bed and you've got yourself some really effed up dreams. I won't name names since I actually like these folks, but let's just say I was given the task of disposing of the bodies. Yes, "bodies," plural.

At 6 AM, after barely 6 hours of sleep (I need 8 hours, people. I don't call it "beauty sleep," I call it "preventing me from going postal sleep.") I was already mentally rearranging my training schedule for the week. Since I had postponed my run on Sunday, that would leave me running 2 days in a row and I'm not sure my energy levels or knee can handle it today and I could space them out through the rest of the week, no problems. BUT, jeez, I only have 4/10 of a mile until I hit 100 and it's hard to just "sit" on that number.

I think I'll coffee up and reconsider.

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