Speaking of abstinence...

Wednesday, June 8, 2011
I have less than 10 days to get ready to relocate and technically no place to go (yet.) While this situation might drive most people to drink, I have actually been inspired to try to lay off the booze until after my move.

Recently a friend was telling me that he was attempting to abstain from alcohol for 30 days. Well, he failed, but 30 days is a really long time, right? Especially over Labor Day weekend...Like, C'MON. I thought about it for a while after we talked though, and thought to myself that it probably couldn't hurt to try to avoid drinking for a while. During the week I'm usually pretty responsible with a beer or a glass of wine in the evening, but on the weekends I'll get buzzed and end up spending more money than I want to which is a very bad idea right now.

Between now and the 18th there is one birthday party that I have to attend (at a bar, of course) and an entire weekend but I'm confident that I can keep liquor/beer from my lips until after all my stuff is moved to wherever it is going to be.

Ten days isn't a lot, I know, but it's a decent enough test of my willpower as later that night I'll be getting together with my homegirls, throwing on a hot dress and some sexy dancin' shoes & rewarding myself like crazy at Trouble Disco and The Stranger present Pre-Pride Bouncy Ball benefiting the It Gets Better Project. Supposedly, in addition to Vockah Redu and the Cru, Scissor Sister's tour DJ (Sammy Jo,) a Savage Love advice booth AND Ru Paul's Drag Race Season 3 winner Raja, they are going to have "A Giant Bouncy Castle." I'm not sure if you been to Fred Wildlife Refuge, but the general consensus among my friends is "how the hell are they going to pull that off??" so it's something I couldn't imagine missing (annnnd I'm definitely gonna deserve an adult beverage by then.)

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