My new apartment!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011
Ah yeahhhhh, I'm on my way back to Westwood! I have a feeling I'm going to be here for at least a few more years, which is good because moving twice in 6 months is one sure way to ensure your friends never want to help you move ever again.

At my "old place" (as The Madre has already taken to calling it) the art is down, the nails are pulled, rugs are rolled and besides the kitchen almost everything that will be packed, is. Now I've set myself to the task of rallying friends to help and by Saturday I should be totally ready for the final move.

It feels a bit strange to be leaving stuff behind but I'm actually really glad I don't have to worry about moving the huge new couch the ex bought. Besides the couch, he will be returning to an apartment that contains only the following (as agreed upon) : a dining room set, bed frame, dresser, large desk, mini fridge, bedside table and one grill pan. I've been tempted to leave him a list of things that he will probably want to get as soon as he returns, but as I've been reminded: I'm "not his mother." I am leaving a few things to at least help him through that first night home (like toilet paper, paper towels and a liner curtain for the shower so they can freshen up after the long flight back to Seattle) so I'm not feeling too terribly guilty.

So, here's to moving onward and upward and forward and all those other good things; soon enough I can go back to my search for the perfect set of curtains.

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