Psychic Reading Part 5 - The Conclusion

Sunday, March 7, 2010
Yep, folks, this is the end of it. It makes me overwhelmingly curious as to what a reading might turn up in my current life...:

She looked directly in my eyes and said “it's okay to be who you are. Actually it's essential.” Again she told me of the scenes that she saw of me, this time she saw a bookshelf in the back of my heart with me taking a book off the shelf that I appear excited about – a book about how the mind works. The next book is about the theater and plays, and she firmly states “I think you should write them.” Instantly she had a “future image” of me calling her from New York where my piece was being shown to say “oh my god, it's happening!” She seemed measurably thrilled with the thought and rushed to tell me that I should focus on painting, writing and psychology before instructing me to take the first step: to write. “It would give you so much ecstasy. You can! Yes, you can!” she expressed forcefully, but with a grin.

She told me I was “such a romantic, true romance – you can live a romantic life,” because it was “pretty fucking clear. A no brainer. Who are you is a courageous act. It's scary but you can do it.” and that I should go to school as I would find it fulfilling and gratifying. At the time, I was baffled – I had known for years exactly what I wanted to do and that was: go to school for horticulture, start my own nursery and garden boutique with the hopes of expanding into landscaping/design. I had written a lot when I was younger, but seemed to grow out of it in my very early twenties and it just didn't seem like something I would ever have a career in. She passed along that the Spirit says I needed to “write the lines” before going quiet again. She seemed sad when she told me that I had walls, but that the Spirit also said I was a patient person. Then the tape stopped. I can't recall any exchange we may have had following that, but I am sure she wrapped it up shortly after that and gave me the tape before I slipped out for the rainy drive home.

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