Psychic Reading Part 3

Thursday, March 4, 2010
And we continue...:

She moved back to the “lists,” this time in specific relation to boys, asking me who I was comparing them to that based this checklist off of before slipping in “show up to the relationship. You can be so dismissive. There's a nonchalance.” At the same time she expressed that she saw my moments of “could this just fucking be it!?” but said I should focus on my own happiness and do what is creative. She flitted over to me finding someone that would be the right combination of safe and dangerous before dropping the bomb of “you're supposed to be a mother.” When I listened to the tape, Side A stopped here and I gasped because I thought some of the more pertinent details hadn't been recorded, but I flipped the tape over and to my relief she had noticed when it ran out and remedied it very quickly. I think I had joked to her that I hadn't really thought of myself as having kids because I was afraid what Karma would bring back around to me from my childhood, but she insisted I was not a bad kid before telling me I could have children before stressing that I am “capable” of having children, which is something I had grown to doubt yet had never really expressed to anyone. She asked me my exact age and said I had time to decide; she calculated I was around 32 when I would do so (which seems to suggest she was sure the decision would be positive) and that she saw a vision of me with a really cute kid who looked to be about 3.

With a short pause and no segue, she asked me if I had any siblings and when I answered in the negative she implied there was something I didn't know but would find out with almost a cat that got the canary tone of voice. My father has been deceased since I was a small child and I am an only, so my father would have had to impregnated someone else before his death, which is possible but highly unlikely. Jumping to yet another subject, she told me to “start having fun. Lots of fun” and told me that I should play with my interest in psychology at work before lighting up another cigarette and going silent. I was confused, but quiet.

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