Sick pigeon on the worst day ever.

Saturday, March 6, 2010
My boyfriend left for a visit to Turkey a few weeks ago, and all this week I have been fighting a cold and spending most of my time resting and doping myself up with cough syrup.

I've been staying around my home a lot since he been gone, but a friend of mine was home visiting from Atlanta and organized a party at a Yelp-popular bar in Greenwood, and he let me know that he intended to bring a piece of art he had made for me months and months before but had never been able to deliver to me, so of course I had to go out last night. I took it pretty easy, sticking with cheap beer and drinking it slowly, but I still ended the night fairly early. I'm 100% glad I went out because I had a great time, saw a lot of my friends that I hadn't been able to visit in a while AND I got to bring home Robot Cat (Original art by Scott Kick):Unfortunately, today I definitely felt worse. I woke up rather early and stayed in bed while I called my boyfriend, then Jamba Juice to see when they opened so I could run over to get a Cold Buster while I picked up some groceries to get me through the weekend. It was so beautiful out while I ran my errands and I was kicking myself for being sick on one of our priceless sunny Seattle days. After I took care of that it was home and back to bed to read and nap, a little Skype session and then reheating some leftovers for dinner.

I was getting ready to get back to relaxing when one of my best friends called to check on me and let me know that our friends were going out to celebrate his birthday tonight...Ouch. I wasn't able to go out on his birthday earlier this week either because I was already feeling sick and had made plans for a long overdue visit with another of my best friends, so I'm already feeling like a schmoe. I will make it up to him, of course, but the clincher is that while I was on the phone with him, another one of my friends called with an extra ticket to tonight's Snoop Dogg concert.

SNOOP DOGG. Yes. I may not really look it, but I am a big r&b/hip hop/rap fan. Don't hate.

And I have promised my lovely boyfriend that I will not go out tonight. And I know if I do go out tonight, I will most likely end up with bronchitis or pneumonia or some such potentially fatal illness/fuckery. So I am staying at home, and missing the opportunity hang out with my bestie for his birthday or see SNOOP f*cking DOGG. I might just cry a little.

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