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Tuesday, January 26, 2010
Not really though.

Well, maybe kinda.

Truthfully, I used to be a tomboy. Fashion wasn't ever a big thing for me until I was well out of high school and I still don't read Vogue or any other style magazines. But now I like to look pretty - I even have big pink tattoos. I watch What Not To Wear. And now that I am dating a man who actually has decent taste in clothing (very impressive, actually) and doesn't look under-dressed next to me, I am given an even better reason to tighten up my wardrobe.

Though I have a pretty large closet, it has most definitely not been enough space to house my huge collection of clothes and shoes. Losing weight over the past year has been a blessing, since it meant I could jettison all the clothes that were too big for me now, though realizing some of my favorite items aren't worth being altered to a smaller size is a bit sad. Lately, I've found myself constantly editing my closet and dresser, removing stuff that I have to admit I will never wear again. All in all, it amounts to about 10 garbage bags worth of stuff.

I know this because it's all sitting in my living room right now.

On the right I have piled almost everything that is going directly to Goodwill (except the cat). On the left, I have almost everything that I am going to try to sell to a local thrift shop/ebay.

That's probably at least $1k worth of clothes and shoes, and I'm just hoping to get at least enough to pay for the Guess shoes I'm bidding on right now. Thankfully the Olsen inspired revamp won't be too costly since I already have a number of key pieces (they're the classics every girl should have) and I've been pretty lucky to find other items very similar to their designer things but with a much cheaper price tag.

The new etsy addiction is a whole 'nother story.

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