My new style icon: The Olsen Twins

Thursday, January 21, 2010
No, seriously.

As I was catching up on one of my favorite blogs recently (On Common Ground) I came across a post the Missus had written back in November about how she felt Ashley Olsen was "the prettier and more fashionable of the two Olsen twins." I didn't understand how anyone could think of either as "fashionable" until I scrolled down to see this picture:

Um, WHAT? I love that outfit. Classic, casual, pretty...I immediately started mentally taking stock of my current wardrobe to figure out what I would need to pull it off.

This is not the slubby stuff I normally see them running around in on the cover of gossip rags, but I can relate to having a very casual side to my wardrobe. Considering I wear jeans, flats and a hat to work everyday (with no make-up) my coworkers would probably tell you that my sense of style is questionable. Ask my friends who see me on the weekends prettied up, hair down, heels on and they would probably say they appreciate and/or admire my taste.

Last year I found myself striving to locate and purchase "signature" pieces and promised myself no more t-shirts and less jeans - everything I bought would be quirky and eye-catching. This year I find comfort in heading out to the bars in a nicely cut t-shirt and a blazer on top of cute jeans. I'm almost 30, and though I don't need to dress like an old lady, there are some trends that are just too young (or just plain unflattering) for me.

The twins may only be 23, but they have developed a great taste for casual and attractive clothing (that picture is from 2007, but the outfit could still be rocked today with nary a dirty look from self-proclaimed fashionistas) and dammit - I want to be like them (at least clothing-wise). After I got over the shock, I spent the next hour googling them and found that people actually devote entire blogs to the Olsen's fashion. Yes, really. And I am kind of in love with ♥Nohemi♥'s Olsen Twins collection on Polyvore.

Pardon me, I'm off to jettison half my wardrobe again to see if I can sell it for new duds (maybe now the remainder will finally all fit in my closet).

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