Shameless Plug Sunday: Helle

Sunday, January 24, 2010
I've known Danielle Decanti for a number of years now, and though she has been an UH-mazing friend one of the things I most appreciate about her is that she created the circumstances that allow me to tell people to "go to Helle" on a pretty consistent basis. I met Mrs. D about 5 years ago when I was working at an awful salon in Belltown that experienced an abrupt exodus of employees that resulted in me being promoted from receptionist to manager in a few short months. We had a tiny room for our esthetician and when the upset sent one girl packing, Danielle found her way to us.

She is incredibly talented at what she does and incredibly fun as well, and since we left that godawful place we have remained friends. Not too long after she left, she put her heart and soul (and bank account) into opening her own "skin sanctuary" in June of 2006 in the Georgetown neighborhood - a place that is as cute and full of character as she is.

"Are you looking for an alternative to the same old spa scene? You know where to go. Helle
is a sanctuary from urban grime and pretentiousness. We provide clinical grade skincare in an it’s-o.k.-if-you’re-not-feeling-quite-so-zen environment. Maybe you’re no angel, but, baby, we’re gonna make you look like one"

It may be cheeky, and it's the perfect presentment.

Helle has an uber talented staff, including Danielle, who is a Skin Guru and able to perform miracles on seemingly stubborn skin and probably entertain you very much at the same time, if you are so inclined. She uses and has gotten me addicted to Dermalogica products, as well as her own occasional concoctions, such as an unbelievable product that was immediately deemed "snake oil." Amy is a triple threat - a Licensed Massage Practitioner, Reflexologist, AND(!!!) Tarot Reader. Word from many of her clients that I have run into is that she is really really really good at what she does. All of it.

Now they have a fantastic new location opening in Georgetown (6253 13th Avenue South) on February 1st aaaand as if they didn't rock enough, as of February 2nd they will be offering Happy Hour from Helle on Tuesdays - discounts on their express treatments, with delicious noshes and beverages to ease you through those rough after work hours!

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