Wednesday, January 20, 2010
My hiatus was obviously much longer than I anticipated and now I don't even know where to start to catch up...So I probably won't in some cases. Just sayin'.

Let's work backwards for a moment and see what I can cover quickly.

NaNoWriMo: Wrote about 40 pages. Technically, I was writing about 30 days in my own life and eventually I realized that is a pretty crappy format to try to keep up with while actually living your life. Also, at the time I had some pretty heavy stuff going on and some major distractions. All in all, I understand this just amounts to poor excuses, but I've never written 20 pages for a novel let alone 40 so I don't see it as a total failure.

Char's reading: I actually do have the psychic reading transcribed now (thanks in part to NaNoWriMo) and will be able to publish it throughout the next few weeks (it's loooong).

Training and balance: I just recently started my second round of 5k training, which has been pretty easy since my lovely boyfriend has been uber busy with his music and recording the past few weeks.

Ohhhh yes. Part of the distraction in my life lately has been the introduction of a new beau and amazing new friends, as well as a lot of change happening for my long-term buddies. I feel like it's the end of an era in a lot of ways for many people I know, but when one era ends another begins and I can't help but look forward to the things ahead for all of us.

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