Improving my mood with food & a month of yoga.

Monday, January 30, 2012
I'm going to go on a short rant:

My car is acting funny, my check engine light is on, my date had to "raincheck" this weekend after I had already gotten cuted up and come into the city, my bank balance is pretty darn sad, and the icing on the cake is that I'm breaking out and grumpy because of hormones (AND all I want to do is stuff my face full of salty/sweet junk.)

Okay, I'm done.

Tonight instead of succumbing to the cravings and crawling under my covers, I am going to cook up a nice whole wheat pasta salad with Trader Joe's feta, olives, organic tomatoes and a homemade spicy balsamic vinaigrette dressing before I start reading up and getting ready for my self-imposed Yoga Everyday For a Month Challenge. I had originally been inspired by a yoga blogger I follow who did it every day for a year and then recently spent a good amount of time chatting at a dinner get-together with a friend who does the same and also meditates on a regular basis.

I've been a little more stressed than usual lately and I'm hell bent on being in excruciatingly hot shape by the time I go to Idaho in June, so I figured - what can it hurt?

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