The year of ME.

Monday, January 2, 2012 - My New Year's resolutions would be easier to keep if we weren't friends

After spending an absolutely delightful (almost sober) evening watching the fireworks from the Seattle Center fountain with Nat and his little brother on New Year's Eve then some one on one time with said fabulous Lil Bro (LB,) I woke up knowing 2012 was going to be a fantastic year.

Work is challenging and busy, Bikram is keeping me motivated and I seem to have successfully jettisoned all of last year's unnecessary baggage (more fun ex text interactions to come, since those seem to be real popular posts.) The friendships that I cherish are growing stronger, as am I.

I'm moving forward with the pattern of taking better care of myself. As soon as I finish up In Defense of Food I'm diving straight into The End of Overeating, which I am hoping will help me focus on avoiding the whole "I'm not smoking so I'm just going to constantly shove food into my pie hole" thing.

This year I will work on my writing and go on vacation somewhere amazing and relish EVERY SINGLE MOMENT of this beautiful life I have built for myself.

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