Adventure times in the new abode OR my maintenance manager has a wee crush on me.

Friday, February 4, 2011
As I was preparing to move out of the old place, one of the friends who had come over to help me remarked how much she liked the style of my low-slung ikea Hagali bed frame. Since Bear and I already had plans to replace it in the new abode, I happily agreed to give it to her after I moved out as well as help her set it up. On move day, I broke it down into 11 pieces and those pieces were put in our new bedroom until I could find time to coordinate taking it over by car to her place a few blocks away. After living with a rather large pile of boards and slats in my bedroom for a week and a half we managed to find some mutual free time after work and she walked over.

Our new apartment has its own private hallway off the courtyard with a door on each end that locks behind you. That evening around 6:15 PM she buzzed from the front gate and I ran downstairs to meet her, shutting the upper door behind me to prevent the cats from making a break for it. BIG OOPS - no keys, no jacket and now we're locked out of my apartment.

After determining that there was no way for her 5'3" frame to boost my 5'2" self up to the point where I could safely hoist my body over the edge of the deck to the unlocked slider, I called the building maintenance guy for help. Not even there a month and I'm already a pain in his ass, I tell ya. After having us hanging out in my hallway for about 20 minutes, he returned to the complex and let us in. Before he left he chatted with us for a good while, suggesting he was always happy to return to help cute girls and making a joke about how maybe if he "meowed" I would adopt him along with my other 2 cats. :/ No, buddy. Not likely, but "thanks, really!"

After calling another of her friends over to help and having a beer to celebrate being inside, we loaded up the frame and took it over to her apartment where we drank another beer and team-worked it together in 15 minutes or so.

Now I just have one more piece of unnecessary/unwieldy furniture to dispose of and I can truly feel like I'm ready to start settling in. I'll have to wait a few weeks until Bear gets home to replace the bed frame (and we've been eyeing a couch to replace my chaise,) so in the meantime I'm thinking paint...C'mon payday, momma's got color on the brain!

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