It's curtains for us...

Wednesday, February 9, 2011
No really, draperies and such.

In addition to my paint-related day dreaming, I've been eyeing some curtains to aid with privacy and to help disguise the ugly-ass blinds. I've had some creative results dealing with them in previous homes (a valance composed of scarfs, anyone?) but this time I'm really leaning towards a professionally made set of drapes to bring some drama to the bedroom and livingroom. Our place is going to be fun and welcoming, but I would definitely like it to feel classy and sexy too.

What (simple accessory) could accomplish this better in the bedroom than velvet curtains? So sumptous and luscious, they just purr loveliness, in my opinion. The ones on the right come from Urban Outfitters - I think I prefer the turquoise color, mostly because I feel the olive might be too matchy-matchy with our current bedding. Oddly enough, I'm really digging the goldenrod color as well. The one thing I'm not super excited about is the $50-a-panel price tag. Ah well, someday I will have my velvet drapes, just maybe not too incredibly soon.

On the left we have the sheers I've been eyeing at I don't hate the valance, but my friend Cec thought it was pretty atrocious and I generally trust her design taste. Otherwise, I am drawn to the color and the pattern; I have no problems imagining these shading the atrium window against the lovely gray/brown paint, in front of our new gray sofa. The window is stinkin' huge so I would need two sets, but at $30 a set, they're quite a bit more affordable than those at UO.

Truthfully, I need a bookshelf and some side tables before I need curtains, but I'm having a damn fine time letting my design imagination run wild.


Megan B. said...

I'd say splurge a bit and go for the velvet drapes. I'm not digging the lacy valance either.

So funny that you wrote this today, 'cause I'm presently working on a post about curtains (mainly height and rods and cornice boxes) -- and I almost used the same title. Heh.

Alyson O'Holic said...

Perfect timing, Megan - I hadn't put much thought into those very important logistics!

BF also likes the velvet curtains (he's a UO whore,) so now I just have to decide which color. :)

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