Fun with paint!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011
Spending most of my life in rentals (with many nomadic years as a kid) I've never really been in a place where I was allowed to paint OR felt like I was going to stick around long enough to really find the proper inspiration/color.

Now, in this joint abode, I am practically obsessed with getting paint on the walls. I keep having to tell myself: "wait for Bear - this is not a one (short) person project" and to my (pleasant) surprise, he has actually expressed a great interest in working on home projects together when he gets back. For weeks I've had the perfect palette for the living room in my head, trying to decide which color should go on which walls and how to play up the high ceiling as well as the atrium window.

Sherwin Williams hooked it up with the "Rooted" collection. We've already got all the accent colors in the group sprinkled through the living room and I'm really loving the gray trend right now. It looks classy, dammit. I may look into color-matching to save some $$ if possible, but as far as I'm concerned my color search is over.

Now I just have to patiently wait until my boyfriend gets home and I have someone tall enough to tape off the ceiling - even with a ladder I still come up just a little...short.

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