Trip to Spokanistan?

Saturday, October 9, 2010
One of my FAVORITEST BANDS EVER, Barcelona, is playing an all-ages show in Spokompton in a few weeks and I am seriously considering going.

I've never seen them live which is mind-boggling since they are a freakin' Seattle band, but they play here so INfrequently I don't have many options. The only concert date they've had locally since I discovered the Absolutes album just happened to be on the evening that we flew to SF for Bear's show, and the next one is actually only a performance at a Symphony Guild event.

The cool part would be that I've got family in that area that could meet up with me, including 2 college-age cousins who I don't get to visit with nearly enough AND it would be a fun first time roadtrip with Bear. We could probably stay with my lovely school-teacher Aunt, but I'm concerned we might overwhelm the bf with family stuff so I've been scoping out hotels for Friday night.

Still, it's quite the trek. On the other hand, I have no idea when they'll play a full show in Seattle again and it's NOT OKAY that I haven't seen them live.

How far would you go to see one of your favorite bands play?


Anonymous said...

That's how I ended up in Seattle! I drove from Moscow to Seattle to see Horse Feathers play at The Croc. Had such a blast at the show and hanging out at Shorty's and Lava Lounge that I quit my job and moved out here a few weeks later. I say, make the trek!

Anonymous said...

I flew from Miami to Philly to see Sujfjan Stevens
I flew from Miami to NYC to see Isis
I drove from Miami to Tenessee to go to Bonnaroo
I flew from Miami to Kansas City to see Coalesce.

I don't know if this already happened, but if it did, I hope it was a BLAST. I approve of traveling for music.

Alyson O'Holic said...

We actually didn't end up going since it was so close to Bear's departure for Istanbul. :( I still have not seen Barcelona live!

If I ever need tips on traveling to shows I will definitely hit you up, G.

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