Gone, but not forgotten...

Thursday, October 28, 2010
As in, my presence on this blog lately and my boyfriend. Thankfully, neither absence is permanent.

Shortly after my most recent post earlier this month, Bear confirmed the date for his return trip to Istanbul (leaving exactly one month before our one year anniversary.) I was basically left with just over 2 weeks to get in all the Fall festivities and snuggle time I could manage. We went go carting, we went to TurkFest, we went to The Farm, we carved a pumpkin (his first jack-o-lantern,) drank a lot of tea and watched the rest of The Wire Season 3 together. It was pretty darn glorious and I was feeling like I was definitely mentally prepared to be away from my guy for a few months.

Oh, I was wrong. (But at least this time I didn't put him through 2 weeks of being all weepy beforehand!)

It's been a rough week. Realizing that not only did my boyfriend leave he took my best friend with him was tough (and eye-opening,) and work has been a little crazy with the impending ownership changes...I was ready for the weekend by Tuesday afternoon and feeling totally unprepared and uninspired for what is usually my favorite holiday EVER - Halloween.

Finally yesterday I got to talk to Bear on the phone, which was a huge help in raising my spirits. We'd only been able to email and that is honestly one of my least favorite ways of communicating (most likely because I am totally impatient.) Last night I got to visit with my favorite homegirls AND my favorite 'mos and tonight I'll probably get to see my dude on Skype, so I'm hoping to be mostly cleared of my funk by this weekend.

Still, I have 2 classes starting next week and a somewhat busy schedule - it probably wouldn't hurt to stay in, right?


Anonymous said...

You're right. It probably wouldn't hurt to stay in, if you're being productive while you do it.
Otherwise, come out. Don't hesitate to hit Beth and I up this weekend. We're going to Sufjan Stevens tomorrow night and maybe some karaoke after.

Or maybe just for a beer. Or a walk. Or etc.

Alyson O'Holic said...

Oh dude - I've totally slacked at home all week since bf left and need to be productive, for sure.

I'll be hanging out with the Madre a bit tomorrow and then hanging in WS for the Skeleton Theater on Sunday, but otherwise I'm up to meet up with you and Beth!

Anonymous said...

How was Skeleton Theater?
I spent sunday driving Beth up to Canada and missed it. then last night I went out with Naurry and missed it again.

it looked so neat.

Alyson O'Holic said...

I ended up missing it too! (explanatory blog post pending)

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