An appropriate investment.

Saturday, October 30, 2010
At Turkfest a few weeks back I had the opportunity to meet another American/Turkish couple, though in their case she's the Turk and he's the American. He had learned to speak Turkish and mentioned that in his opinion Rosetta Stone was useful for languages such as Spanish and French but not so much for Turkish. I can see what he was getting at - I have no idea why I need to learn the words for "horse" and "elephant" before I learn "hello." Seriously? I'm pretty glad I didn't pay for the program.

Approaching a year of being together, it really feels like a more than appropriate time to put the effort into learning his language since he's been so dutifully learning mine. The day after Turkfest (which was fun and educational) I ventured back to the website for the Turkish American Cultural Association of Washington (TACAWA for shortsies) to look into the classes I know they usually offer. Turns out that the Fall Quarter for Beginning Turkish basically runs for 6 weeks starting the first week of November, with one two hour class every Wednesday.

Bear is going to be gone at least 6 weeks and probably a bit longer, so really, the timing couldn't be more perfect. While he's gone, I'll be gettin' my learnin' on. It's gonna cost me a bit more than Rosetta Stone did, but the ability to communicate with my boo in his native language is pretty much priceless, in my humble opinion.

Soooo, by the time he returns I'll actually be able to speak some Turkish and give him a lap dance. Hokahey!

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