Major Life Distraction Alert!

Monday, October 12, 2009
Wow - the past few weeks I have totally sucked as a blogger and I must offer my apologies to anyone who does actually like to read my posts (or at least likes to come here and figure out what I'm up to lately/stalk me).

The absence was truly unintentional and will most likely be thoroughly explained here over the next few weeks as I take time to catch up and take a mini-break from my somewhat over-burdened social calendar, but I will say this now: things at the O'Holic household have been shaken up.

You'll be reading about things that will make you giggle, chuckle, and hopefully even solicit a hearty guffaw as well as sh*t that will smack you in the face with a big "WTF?" and may even make you cry, but stick with me Dear Reader - you might just learn something about the human condition and how to deal with life with a smirk and a sense of hope.

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